Since graduating in 2015, I have been working at HOK in Kansas City. During my time at HOK I have continued to work in the same Collegiate Recreation studio I did as a health and wellness intern. I have gravitated towards the technical side of architecture and focus mainly on developing the details of the project and continuing to see the project through construction. A majority of my time since graduation has been working at Ole Miss as well as the University of Wisconsin working on two new recreation centers they are building on campus.  The Ole Miss rec center is shown here (courtesy of HOK). [email protected]
Hannah Richards graduated from the first Health & Wellness program in 2010. She set up a company called The Naked Interior after becoming increasingly frustrated with toxic materials in buildings and furnishings. She offers holistic interior design that considers all aspects of human and environmental wellness. She recently completed the design of Hand & Land, a wellness store and holistic spa in Kansas City. She also designed most of the furniture, which was made locally using non-toxic materials. She is currently pursing a certification as a Building Biologist and designing a line of non-toxic furniture with her husband Sam. The Images are from the project Hand and Land (photography by Samantha Levi). [email protected]
The Health and Wellness program paved the way for my career at Hoefer Wysocki. After the 7-month internship ended, I stayed on part-time while finishing my last semester at KU and was hired on after graduation. The Health and Wellness program jump-started my career and I continue to grow in my skills and knowledge every day. I’ve been able to take on leadership roles at work, volunteer in my community, and pass my first ARE exams. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to start my career with an internship and am proud to work for the Healthcare community. The project shown here is the Nellis AFB dining facility (courtesy of Hoefer Wysocki). [email protected]
I’m a Client Manager at BRR Architecture. Prior to BRR, I worked at PDG where I began my professional career, starting as an intern for the Health & Wellness Program. The lessons I learned during the program propelled my knowledge and understanding of people and the built environment, lessons I still use today.  While my education and early career focused on healthcare design, I ventured to a new tract when joining BRR. I currently lead a team of design professionals working on a national retail program. Day to day, I’m involved in all facets of design and client management. The project shown here is the Munster, Indiana, Dialysis Center. [email protected]
From hospital design conceptualization abilities to international mass-scale venue facilities; while my Health & Wellness path was unconventional to most, the real-world exposure to the field during my 5th Year is what molded a dynamically well-rounded skillset that is rare for architects this early in their career. Working as an intern while exploring through the lens of a student allowed me to experience other facets of industry projects, including education and community-based work. Which inadvertently led me to finding my passion in impacting human interconnection within the built environment and pursue that dream daily as a proud member of the Venue Group with Populous. The project is the Brown County Wisconsin Expo Center. (courtesy of Populous) [email protected]