Students may enter the Health & Wellness option in their fourth year of the Master of Architecture (M.Arch. I) program.  For students entering KU with a four-year pre-professional degree in architecture, they would apply to the M.Arch. II degree program and complete a two-year course of study in the Health & Wellness curriculum.


A key component of the Health & Wellness Master of Architecture option is a paid, seven-month internship working in a firm doing significant work in the healthcare design field. The Health & Wellness program has placed more than 180 students in internships in approximately 40 firms and healthcare organizations across the country.

Student Work

Our Health & Wellness students are engaged in studio design projects at the fourth- and fifth-year levels of the Master of Architecture degree program. In addition they are active each year in student design charrettes and community-based design exercises in partnership with our Affiliate Firms.


Over the years our Health & Wellness students have won national and international honors in a range of design and research competitions and have published their work in peer-reviewed journals. These awards and citations have formed an essential part of our students resumes as they begin their professional careers.

A caring career with a future

Our program combines academic classes and studios with a seven-month internship.  This balance of theory and practice is designed to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills for immediate participation in planning and design of complex projects.  We maintain strong working relationships with high quality healthcare firms across the country.

Our field of architecture is embracing the concept of evidence based design, linking outcomes research into design concepts.  Faculty in the program are actively engaged in research and encourage students to pursue credentials and experience in conduction research.  The ability to combine analytical skills with design positions graduates to work effectively with motivated, intelligent clients.

Certificate recipients can look forward to career opportunities in consulting, architecture and construction fields.