No field of design offers the breadth of opportunity and career options, ranging from the planning of healthy communities to the design of technologically complex hospitals.  Success requires a combination of compassion for human needs, the ability to collaborate with experts in health and engineering, and design creativity. Healthcare continues to be one of the largest, and growing, segments of construction worldwide.

Academic Program

Our program combines academic classes and studios with a seven-month internship.  This balance of theory and practice is designed to prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills for immediate participation in planning and design of complex projects.  We maintain strong working relationships with high quality healthcare firms across the country.


Our field of architecture is embracing the concept of evidence based design, linking outcomes research into design concepts.  Faculty in the program are actively engaged in research and encourage students to pursue credentials and experience in conduction research.  The ability to combine analytical skills with design positions graduates to work effectively with motivated, intelligent clients.

Service Center

Through our Design Service Center and our relationships with numerous organizations, the Institute provide planning and design assistance for a wide variety of healthcare facilities. These services include programming, master planning, design, and post-occupancy evaluation. Recent services include programming and computer modeling of emergency services, design concepts for birthing facilities in Haiti, planning of a heart hospital in Kenya.

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