The M.Arch. II graduate program is designed for students who possess a pre-professional architecture degree from a university other than KU.  It allows the student to complete the Master of Architecture program in Health & Wellness Design in two years of full-time study.  The exact length of the program and the specific coursework each student will be required to take to complete the degree will depend on an analysis of his or her undergraduate transcript and a review by the Graduate Admissions Committee of an architectural portfolio of academic and/or professional work.  You can find the required courses for the Master of Architecture program by clicking the “Checklist for Coursework” below.  Students entering the M.Arch. II program will enter the graduate curriculum at Year Four.

One of the unique characteristics of the KU Health & Wellness Design degree is the seven-month professional internship that occurs in the student’s last summer and fall semesters of the program.  Over the past ten years KU students have been placed in more than forty firms doing significant work in healthcare design and planning across the country.  You can learn more about the internship program by visiting our Internship Page.

I started the MArch II program for Health and Wellness at The University of Kansas after graduating with an architecture degree from Clemson University. I knew that I wanted a graduate degree that focused on healthcare, and the expertise offered at KU provided a solid foundation for the healthcare architect I am today. During my second year in the program, I interned in San Francisco on a large hospital project and began developing my thesis on the benefits of Lean Integrated Project Delivery on healthcare projects. Once my thesis was complete, I published a summary as an article in Healthcare Design Magazine, and the premise of my thesis has been formative in the development of my career as I am now focusing primarily on integrated projects. Upon completion of my internship, I was hired to work full time and have since brought in several health and wellness interns to the firms where I have worked.

Graham Sinclair, KU Master of Architecture, 
Project Architect, Beck Group, Atlanta

Graham Sinclair, KU Master of Architecture, Project Architect, Beck Group, Atlanta

The KU Health and Wellness program was a great way to further specialize my education after a general undergraduate architecture degree and set me up on a successful career path in the healthcare architecture world.


How many credit hours will I need to graduate with a masters?

The M.Arch. I is a 180-credit hour program and the M.Arch. II is a 75-credit hour program.

What courses will I need to take?

Click to download the Checklist of Coursework for the Master of Architecture program.

Are there interviews or other requirements for admission?

Students are encouraged to come to the campus for a visit and to meet the faculty and current students in the Health & Wellness program.  The primary admission decisions are based on undergraduate GPA and a portfolio review.

When is the latest I could apply?

January 15.

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