All of the students in their final year of the Master of Architecture program choose a option to concentrate and focus their studies. The Health + Wellness option allows the student in-depth study in this area through a series of seminars, professional internships, and a capstone studio.  The three required courses in the Health + Wellness curriculum are:

ARCH 731: Architecture of Health (3 credit hours): An introduction to healthcare facilities and systems which is usually taken in the spring semester.

ARCH 807: Health + Wellness Internship (6 credit hours): A seven-month paid internship in a professional firm doing significant design, planning and/or research in environments that contribute to human health and well-being.

ARCH 808: Health + Wellness Capstone Studio (6 credit hours): The final studio for graduates in the M.Arch. curriculum allows the student to integrate all aspects of their previous coursework, internship experience, and professional interests.

Students who complete the required course sequence in this curriculum are eligible to receive the Graduate Certificate in Architecture of Health + Wellness.  Please refer to the Heath + Wellness Certificate page for details.

Students entering the Master of Architecture program from high school (M.Arch. I) will begin taking Health & Wellness elective courses in their third year and will enter the Health & Wellness option in their fourth year.

Students who enter the Master of Architecture program with a pre-professional architecture degree from another university are admitted to the two-year M.Arch. II program and begin the Health & Wellness program in Year 4 of the architectural curriculum.  They will complete a 75-hour program of professional architectural coursework.  The deadline for application to the M.Arch. II program is January 15th.  Complete details on the professional curriculum and application process can be found at: