2018 Touchstone

In 2018 faculty and students from the Institute, working in consultation with our Affiliate Firm HKS Architects,won the Gold Medal for their design and research efforts in the newly constructed Virginia Commonwealth University Health System’s Children’s Hospital of Richmond Pavilion outpatient clinic.This collaboration is an example of the integrated nature of the Affiliate Firm program, combining the involvement of our faculty, student interns, and the professional mentors in HKS Architects.


2018 Contract Mag Award

Health & Wellness students Bhaswati Mukherjee, Mohammed Alsinan, and Shummer Roddick focused their 2018 ARCH 808 capstone studio project on the design of a veterans’ rehabilitation center to use the healing properties of the environment to ameliorate the effects of PTSD and other war-related illnesses.


2012 AIAS Competition

Sara Mae Martens, Stephen Mayer, Maia Hoelzinger, and Lindsay Slavinwon an honorablemention in this national student competition to transform a standard nursing home plan into acommunity of four environments with identifiable garden courtyards and exterior activities.

awards-2011 Nurture


In 2011 five Health & Wellness students won the Steelcase “Nurture Collegiate Healthcare Design Competition” for their design of a family-centered neonatal intensive care unit.  Their submission used a range of evidence-based design concepts and was featured in the January 2012 issue of Healthcare Design.